If you are not happy with your current accountant, it isn’t that difficult to move. Switching your accountant can be done with minimal effort and disruption to you or your business.  The majority of time in the  changeover/onboarding process will rest with the new accountant…. US.

The biggest decision….is making the decision.

The onboarding process is a good opportunity to review & update your current tax files. Our team will make the process as simple and as smooth as we can.

Why should you change your accountant?

  • If you feel your questions are not being answered or you feel awkward asking questions.
  • Responses take weeks when you do ask questions.
  • Your tax returns or BAS return weren’t filed on time even though you had provided all the required information and documents on time.
  • Your accountant is not up to date with the current issues.
  • You are not given advice on simple items such as record retention, basic work related deductions, medical levy surcharge etc.
  • Your accountant is not proactive to reduce your tax obligations within the necessary laws.
  • Your accountant does not understand your needs and does provide any feedback on business improvements.
  • You don’t feel your accountant is approachable or proactive, but more reactive.
  • The accountant won’t train you to undertake work that you are capable of completing such as reconciling your Xero file or lodging your own BAS.
  • The accountant is outsourcing your information overseas and you don’t like it.
  • You receive bills that are large and that you don’t understand for work you didn’t approve.
  • You are worried about your privacy
  • You never seem to deal with the same person, the staff are always changing and you don’t know who to call.

Are you thinking about changing your accountant? Call us at Welsh Tax:

  • We will arrange for a new client consultation, the first 1/2 hour is free!  At this consultation we will discuss your situation and work that needs to be undertaken and timing of this work.  We will also discuss and explain our business services and staff, fees and the billing process.  We want to know what you want and need. We will take instructions from you as to how you want to undertake communications ie via email, mail or phone and how you would like us to provide your information to you.
  • After your initial consultation and discussions we will forward to you our engagement letter.
  • We will send an ethical request to your previous accountant (if required) to advise that you are leaving and request their response.
  • We will arrange for the collection/transfer of any relevant files from your previous accountant ie company registers, trust deeds and permanent documents and update the relevant organisations. Whilst updating your details with organisations such as ATO, ASIC we will advise you of any overdue or incomplete obligations. Regularly discovered items are inactive registrations that should have been cancelled GST/ABN, missing or outdated Trust Deeds, business names not cancelled or with incorrect addresses or Director details not up to date.
  • We will provide you with a checklist of the required items to commence the preparation of the agreed work.
  • On receipt of the required items we will undertake the completion of the agreed work.
  • When the work is finalised, we will meet with you to discuss the results and formulate future plans.

If you require training to undertake work you are capable of doing such as your BAS, we will train you.  If we think you need more guidance on items such as deduction and record retention, we will provide you with guidance.  If you require a service that is outside of our service offerings, we have a trusted group of professionals that we can refer you to.

So the process to move is exactly that, a process.  It may take a few weeks but  we are happy to assist in anyway we can.  Welsh Tax would love to hear from you so please contact us today to organise your initial consult.