If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, please get in touch.

When are you open?

Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm. After hours appointments are available please just ask.

What payment methods do you accept?

Clients can pay by direct payment or credit cards.

What area do you service/sell to?

We can work with clients anywhere in Australia. We can communicate with clients by email, phone or Zoom.

Who is Welsh Tax?

Welsh Tax has been established by Kerri Welsh who has been in public practice for 25+ years. Kerri wants to deliver personalised tax solutions to her clients.


Why should I use Welsh Tax?

At Welsh Tax we care about you and your situation. We want to empower you to understand your business/finances so that taxes are easy and also so you make the best of your money.

How do I contact you?

Please call 0409003494 or email [email protected]

Tax Returns & Financial Statements - Individuals, Partnerships, Trusts, Companies.

We are happy to work with clients of all ages, stages and size. All clients are equal.

How do I become a client?

Once you get in contact with us to become a client we will discuss with you your needs and expectations, timeframes and also talk to you about estimated fees.

If you are happy with our initial discussion and wish to become a client we will set in motion the below steps, all you have to do is read, sign and return the engagement letter. 


  1. We will send you an engagement letter outlining the terms of our engagement privacy, confidentiality to name a few. 
  2. After we receive this signed engagement letter back we will send an ethical request to your previous accountant advising that you are changing to Welsh Tax. 
  3. Once the ethical request has been returned with your information we finalise your setup. 
  4. We will then be in contact to work out your next steps as in appointments, reminders, timeframes. etc.
What information do I need to complete my tax return?

We will either phone and discuss the information required or we can email you a list of required information.

Do I have to wait for my PAYG Withholding summary (Group Certificate) from my employer before sending my tax work in?

No. These are no longer issued by paper but will appear on your MyGov account once finalised. If you don’t have a MyGov account we can check this for you. Employers must issue these by 14th July every year.


What other service offerings do you have?

We can assist in business advice, bookkeeping/training/education, BAS/GST, Estate Planning, Taxation compliance. For any services we don’t offer we have an established group of trusted referrers that we can refer you to.


Do you outsource any work?

If we were to outsource work it would only be to Australian based companies and only with your express permission. We will not be outsourcing to overseas countries.

I haven’t received some of my ATO mail?

The ATO no longer send all information out by mail. If you have a MyGov account please check this before contacting us about any missing mail.